Embracing Resilience: The Power Within

Resilience teaches us that setbacks are not permanent, but temporary detours on our journey.

Unlocking the Power of Clarity: How Clear Thinking Can Change Your Life

Clarity is a tool that can transform our lives and organizations, helping us achieve our goals, solve problems, and bring about meaningful change. But clarity is not just some nice-to-have quality. It’s a game-changer. It’s what separates the people who achieve their dreams from those who don’t.

The Power Of Habits

What are habits? Are they good or bad? How do you make or break habits? Read on to find out!

How To Find The Right Coach

Athletes know that good coaching is necessary to bring out the best in themselves. So why don’t more people have a coaching team for their personal or professional needs? Have you ever considered working with a coach? If you have, good for you! If you haven’t, why...

The Top 3 Reasons Why Busy People Fail To Practice Daily Mindfulness… And What To Do About It

You’ve probably heard the research on mindfulness. Among its numerous benefits, mindfulness practice has been found to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. It has also been linked to improved cognitive functioning. The list of high performers who...

Workplace Stress Management Strategies

The workplace can be an extremely stressful environment. How can you keep your focus on point and your productivity high in the midst of pressure and chaos? With mindfulness.

Burnout and The Great Resignation

Can your organization survive The Great Resignation? Is burnout getting the best of your employees? There are solutions to keep your team intact.

What Is The Cure For Suffering?

Buddhists believe that pain is caused by the First Dart that is thrown at us by life, but that suffering comes from the Second Poisonous Darts that we throw at ourselves.

2020 Hindsight: What Did You Learn?

If we wish to see the hardships of 2020 stay in the past, we must learn our lessons well.

Guidance from the I Ching: 20 – Contemplation

“The ritual has been performed, but the sacrifice has not yet been made. Sincerity inspires confidence. Kings of yore examined the regions and observed the people to set up education.”


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Mindfulness and Emotions

Mindfulness and Emotions

Being mindful does not mean that you can’t have emotions. Emotions are an essential part of human nature. According to social scientists, there are three purposes of emotions: to communicate an action tendency, communicate to others in a group, and communicate a need

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