Learning is the key to creating successful change. But how do you get the kind of quality information that you need in the way that best fits your unique circumstances? Those are the questions I had in mind when I created my course offerings. See a list of online or in-person courses below. 


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In-Person Workshops/Masterclasses

When personal interaction is critical

Sometimes your training needs more than the information; it needs interaction. You need to be able to ask questions and receive answers in real-time. You need to be part of a group learning experience. And that is where my workshops and masterclasses come in. These programs allow me to interact with you and your team in a way that allows personalization in what is covered and spontaneity in how it is presented.

Generally, workshops and masterclasses would be held on-site. However, one of the big lessons that we’ve learned from social distancing due to COVID-19 is that technology has improved to the point that virtual workshops are not only a possibility, but many times are the best option. As more and more organizations have team members working from remote locations, my virtual training options allow all of your team to come together regardless of location or travel restrictions.

Workshops MasterClass List

I can customize any of the below workshops for your specific needs or audience. Contact me for booking and pricing details.

Beating Burnout with Mindfulness

Practical mindfulness for the workplace

Mindfulness, Mindset, and Mastery

The mental keys to peak performance

Practical Mindfulness For Musicians

The mental keys to peak performance

Tai Chi for Transformation

Techniques to master the art of relaxed focus in the workplace and in life

Exiting the COVID Crucible

Strategies for transitioning out of quarantine and embracing the “new normal.”

Breath Easy, Perform Easier

How breath is the key to get you into the zone.


Personal development at your convenience 

When I was running my martial arts studio, there where two recurring problems that kept popping up. The first was from my students, who sometimes felt overwhelmed by the amount of information covered in class. It was easy to miss key points if your attention wandered. And even if you did catch it in class, the bigger question was, could you remember it when you got home? The second was from people who understood the quality of my programming but couldn’t attend classes for a variety of reasons, the biggest of which were scheduling conflicts and just being too far away to attend in person. 

As a solution to both of these problems, I began offering courses on my Personal Mastery and Growth Academy. This online school offered the same world-class information that I taught in my studio but allowed students to study at their own pace anywhere in the world.


Corporate & Academic Services

One-On-One Executive Coaching
Leadership Teams | small group
Staff Enrichment | large groups

Speaking Engagements

Community Groups


Tai Chi & Qigong
Goal setting  & Change Management


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