Are You Looking For A Coach?

Athletes know that good coaching is necessary to bring out the best in themselves. So why don’t more people have a coaching team for their personal or professional needs?

Have you ever considered working with a coach? If you have, good for you! If you haven’t, why not? Speaking from personal experience, having a good coach in your life is the best way to create change and growth. But how do you find the right coach?

Do you need a coach?

In a society that loves sports so much, it’s strange that more people don’t use the power of coaching. Coaching is a must for all athletes, whether they are in grade school, college, or on a professional team. We often recognize the names and faces of coaches more than the athletes themselves. Whenever a team or an athlete is underperforming, an organization’s first move is to find the right coach. For example, the average NFL team has 16 coaches on staff, which does not include any personal coaches a player might have. Now consider the case of Tom Brady, the all-time great quarterback. Even though the team has a full staff of coaches, Tom Martinez was Brady’s quarterback coach for decades, and Tom still relies on his fitness coach, Alex Guerrero.

How do you find the right coach?

So, if even the Greatest Of All Time requires coaching, why shouldn’t anyone looking to improve their life or organization do the same?

Often, the reason is that we just don’t know how to find the right coach. 

Unless you are experienced in the coaching process, it can be hard to make the right choice because, unfortunately, not all coaches are created equal. And once you do find a coach, you may not be clear on how to set yourself up to get the best results.

So I would like to share these five tips with you. These items are part of the process I use when coaching others and finding the coaching I need. (Yes, even coaches need coaches!)

Unless you are experienced in the coaching process, it can be hard to make the right choice because, unfortunately, not all coaches are created equal.

Jose Johnson

The 5 C’s of a successful coaching experience

  1. Clarity. You need to achieve clarity on what you want and don’t want in your life and the coaching process. 
  2. Communication. You need to be in regular communication with your coach. Let them know what you’re experiencing. Be sure that you and your coach “speak the same language” so everything is clear. If you are looking for an executive coach, you might be turned off by talking about your chakras, and if you are looking for a spiritual coach, you probably won’t resonate with discussions about KPIs. 
  3. Commitment. You must be committed to change and the process because change can be challenging. Your coach must also be committed to your success as well.
  4. Consistency. You need to be consistent in executing your coach’s strategies. This is why it is so important that your coach’s system is effective but also practical and sustainable. 
  5. Cost. This is always a tough one. Sometimes you just can’t afford the financial cost of a coach. I get it. We all have a budget to work within. However, you must also make sure you consider the price you will pay if you don’t change your current situation. What will it cost you in terms of your health and happiness, or the engagement and productivity of your team? Will your return be greater than your investment?


Are you ready to find a coach?

So wherever you are in your process of working with a coach, always keep these points in mind. And truthfully, this process works great for solving most problems you will face in business and in life.

Finally, if you are looking for a coach to help you take your personal or professional game to the next level, please feel free to reach out for a consultation to see if we are a good fit for each other. You can schedule a time for a free 30-minute chat by following this link.



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