What Is The Cure For Suffering?

Buddhists believe that pain is caused by the First Dart that is thrown at us by life, but that suffering comes from the Second Poisonous Darts that we throw at ourselves.

2020 Hindsight: What Did You Learn?

If we wish to see the hardships of 2020 stay in the past, we must learn our lessons well.

Guidance from the I Ching: 20 – Contemplation

“The ritual has been performed, but the sacrifice has not yet been made. Sincerity inspires confidence. Kings of yore examined the regions and observed the people to set up education.”

Guidance from the I Ching: 44 – Temptation

“Do not unite with an inferior element in your situation. The enlightened person formulates a code of conduct and abides by it.”

Guidance from the I Ching: 49 – Changing

“Changing inspires confidence only after it is accomplished. Then there will be exceptional progress. There is an advantage in correct persistence. Regret disappears. An enlightened person, therefore, harmonizes with past experiences and makes obvious timely opportunities.”

Guidance from the I Ching: 34 – Great Power (Redux)

“Great Power. There is an advantage in correct persistence. There is influential activity in the light of day forming the condition of Great Power. An enlightened person, therefore, does not practice what is not proper.”

Guidance from the I Ching: 7 – Collective Force

“Collective Force requires correct persistence. With a strong leader, there will be good fortune. Then there will be no mistake. In the midst of the receptive is the profound forming the condition for Collective Force. An enlightened person, therefore, is generous toward the people and finds strength in their number.”

Guidance from the I Ching: 38 – Contradiction

“Contradiction. In small matters, there will be good fortune. The superior person, in accordance with this, accepts the diversities which make up the whole.”

Guidance from the I Ching: 37 – Family

“There is an advantage in correct persistence. An enlightened person, therefore, has substance in their words and endurance in their behavior.”

Guidance from the I Ching: 51 – Shocking

“Shocking brings progress. Shocking comes with a terrible noise. Laughter and shouting with awesome glee, people are frightened for a hundred miles around. Yet, the sacrificial vessel is not lost. Repeated thunder forms the condition for Shocking. Therefore, the enlightened person, when badly frightened, seeks to improve themselves.”


Exiting the COVID Crucible:

Exiting the COVID Crucible:

As social distancing restrictions are lifting across the country you can almost hear an audible sigh of relief. People are ready to get back to their jobs and their activities.

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The Energy Of Change

The Energy Of Change

I’m a huge believer in the Dao, and by that, I mean that I believe that certain universal principles exist. And when you understand and work with those principles, you have the best chance of success.

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What Is Mindfulness?

What Is Mindfulness?

Here’s a little experiment I want you to try right now.
Stand in front of an object like a picture, a light, your computer screen..whatever. First, focus on that object. Now take one hand and place it in your field of vision between you and the object.

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